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Learn The Dance of Love in Sarasota, FL

You’ve heard it takes two to tango, and now it’s time to put this phrase into action. Arthur Murray Dance Centers Sarasota’s Tango classes in Sarasota, FL teach you this dramatic and sexy dance. Our professional instructors teach you to glide across the room with grace on any dance floor. You’ll fall in love with the romance and heated passion of the Tango. You’re transformed into history as you express artistry in motion, to the dancing style of the early 1900s. When you’re ready to learn this dance of passion, contact us to get started.

New Student Dance Special – Free First Lesson
Young dancers performing

Popular Tango Sub-Styles

Tango is a sensual dance filled which characters and a bit of drama. What makes each style unique is the way you accent the music with footwork. These are some of the most popular tango sub-styles:

  • Argentine Tango – This is one of the original types of tango containing classic elements, such as swift leg actions, forward posture, and flexible frame. This complex dance has unlimited improvisational opportunities.
  • American Tango – The American Tango, while still using traditional Argentine styling lets dancers separate from a closed position to open moves, while making underarm turns, alternating handholds, and utilizing side-by-side choreography.
  • Tango Vals – Tango Vals is a fast yet smooth dance that joins the rhythmic melodies of the Waltz with the complexities of Argentine Tango.
  • Milonga – This has many of the same elements as the Argentine tango. The music inspires dancers to have smaller steps and a tighter embrace.

Benefits of Learning the Tango Dance

This complex and intense dance has many benefits. Tango is a dance that can change your emotional, physical, and personal life. You’ll learn to control your balance and body actions with grace and poise. The Tango will help you find your sensuality and teach you to compliment your partner with ease. Our professional instructors will make you feel comfortable as you begin learning the dramatic moves of the Tango. You’ll feel sexier and more confident than ever as you move across the floor. Contact us today to learn the dance of passion.

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