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Jump and Jive Into Swing Dancing in Sarasota, FL

Jump into the fun of swing dancing with lessons in Sarasota, FL. Arthur Murray Dance Centers Sarasota brings the art of swing dance from the 1920s into today’s world with jumping and jiving. Swing is what they call a “spot dance”, which means all the action happens in one small area on the dance floor. Swing dancing is all about letting your personality shine to exciting, upbeat music. This carefree style of dance allows you to let loose as you groove to the jazzy rhythms. Our experienced professionals teach any level of dancer how to excel in this popular dance. Contact us today to get started learning this energetic dance.

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Couple Dancing Swing

Different Styles of Swing Dancing

There are many different regional variations of swing dancing. The major swing dance styles and genres are all about high energy and fun, but each has its own personality. The most popular styles of swing dance include:

  • Jitterbug – This exciting dance goes back to the 1930s. The name Jitterbug was the term used to refer to swing dancing. In recent years Jitterbug has evolved into what is sometimes called single swing.
  • East Coast Swing – The East Coast Swing is traditionally danced to a large music band. It uses a 6 count pattern and advanced dancers will often use an 8 count. A versatile dance used to old school and modern-day rock ‘n’ roll.
  • West Coast Swing – This swing is done on a track, so dancers stay on one path on the floor. They follow a unique set of foot patterns, with improvisation being a huge part of this fun dance. It’s traditionally a smoother swing than other styles.
  • Lindy Hop – This is the original style of swing dancing from the 1920s created by jazz music. It has a syncopated rhythm with a high level of improvisation. This energetic dance is often characterized by its many kicks and jumps.

Attributes of Swing Dancing

Swing dancing is one of the most popular types of dancing for people of all ages and all levels. It’s a dance that is great for your mental and physical health. Swing dancing provides the perfect way to meet other people and have a great time while doing it! You’ll improve your coordination, rhythm, balance, and so much more while on the dance floor. The high-tempo music gets your blood flowing and your feet moving, so you can’t help but smile as you dance. Challenge yourself to a traditional, exciting way of dancing by taking swing lessons.

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