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The Beauty of International Standard Dancing in Sarasota, FL

International Standard dancing has fewer steps with a strict focus on technique. Instead, it uses posture, body contact, frame, and movement to create the perfect dance. Arthur Murray Dance Centers Sarasota’s professional dancers teach students the art of holding “frame”. During this style, the couple only breaks this frame at the end of the dance. Their bodies are in perfect harmony, gliding across the dance floor. We’ll teach you the importance of body contact and timing. You don’t need to be an expert-level dancer to enjoy International Standard dancing at our Sarasota, FL studio. It’s a classic, beautiful form of dancing for all ages.

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Couple Dancing International Standard

Types of International Standard Dances

This elegant type of dancing has various styles, including:

  • Foxtrot – The Foxtrot is upbeat, danced with a trotting style. It has fast, continuous movements that help a couple glide across the dance floor.
  • Quickstep – This is a dynamic dance with runs, hops, and quicksteps. It’s meant to be classy yet energetic.
  • Tango – This is a staccato dance with heavy foot movement in a dramatic fashion. It’s filled with passion and romance as dancers move across the floor.
  • Waltz – This graceful dance is smooth and beautiful as dancers seemingly float across the ballroom. It’s characterized by it’s rise and fall action.
  • Viennese Waltz – Featured in many romantic movies, this dance is all about luxury as the couple turns quickly in a tight embrace. It’s danced twice the speed as the Waltz.

International and American Style Differences

The International Style of dancing is known to many as the classic style of Ballroom dancing. Partners remain in a closed position throughout the entire dance. In the American Style, dancers are free to move in and out of an embrace. Dancers quickly learn that the International Style demands more focus and discipline to learn all of the choreography. American Style dancers usually start lessons as a hobby and fall in love with the ease of style. Our professionals enjoy teaching students both International and American, as they impart different skills and benefits.

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